5 Home Design Which Will Keep You Safe When in Disaster

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As we start to feel the consequences of global climate change, one result is more natural disasters. Consistent with NASA’s Earth Observatory, rising temperatures could potentially end in “increased intensity of storms” – additionally to a spread of other maladies. Just two years ago, in 2014, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that global climate change influenced half extreme weather events that year. Which is why resilient design has never been so crucial, and designers are up for the challenge. 

Home is the place where you are feeling comfy, making your morning cereal in pyjamas. However, your comfort levels will skyrocket after knowing that you will stay safe in your home regardless of what magnitude of earthquakes and floods strike your area. Here’s the excellent news: there are individual disaster-proof houses that provide this level of confidence.

We are close to exposing you to five incredible disaster-proof homes which will keep you safe from a spread of natural and human-made disasters. Check them out!

1. Tsunami House by Designs Northwest Architects faces 85 mph winds

Tsunami home is an eye-pleasing water-front property equipped with several safety features. It had been Designs Northwest Architect who dared to form this residency within the high-velocity flood zone of Camano Island. The building footprint is reduced to 30′ x 30′ while the most floor level is 887 square feet, 5′ above the foundations. This lower 5-foot-high space has walls which will break free during a vital storm, leaving the house standing on pilings. These house ‘legs’ can withstand super speedy tsunami waves with a ‘bring-it-on’ attitude. 

Additionally, the house features low-maintenance and sturdy outer cladding wiped out steel and concrete. On the within, you’ll live a comfortable life during a warm ambient space created using red cedar. Isn’t this the place where you ought to be living?

2. Fire and water are not any matches for Vagabond’s Off-grid Orange Tiny House

Vagabond brings to us a tiny orange house which may be a minimalist and yet a stunning place to reside in. Believe it or not, but the home is not on any city grid. It’s its off-grid everything. Everything is meaning solar array system, water system, electricity supply, wood-burning stove, etc. 

Not only is that this house off-grid ready but it’s also wholly inbuilt natural healthy materials. The outer panels are glued alongside an eco-friendly adhesive called ‘eco-bond’ which keeps the structure together within the worst-case scenarios. The foremost exciting thing about this home is its orange tint. Is it purely aesthetic, or does it have a purpose? The solution is, this colour is an indirect result of a Japanese technique called ‘yakisugi’. It involves applying orangish cedar on the outside, which makes your house immune to rot, pest, fire, and extreme weather. This method also provides natural wool insulation to the house.

The roof of the home is coated with the company’s signature metallic acrylic, which makes it mad reflective. This, in turn, protects the inside from harmful sun rays and radiant heat. The roof is stuck to 2 rigid layers of insulation underneath which makes it both wind and vibration resistant.

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4. Ophir by Architects’ Creative resists earthquakes a la mode 

Architects’ Creative designed a stunning contemporary home for a family in New Zealand who lost their previous range in an earthquake, and therefore the new structure draws on steel and concrete to stop that from happening again. The house, called Ophir, was constructed with cedar and black zinc cladding. The exposed steel frame anchors the house to the encompassing hills. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to make a peaceful atmosphere inside the house, while modern charcoal furniture completes the robust and polished look.

5. Tornado Proof House

One of the useful disaster-proof-home concepts we’ve for you is that this tornado-proof house, devised by the firm 10 Design. The home features a mentality of a turtle; a bit like the turtle sneaks its vulnerable head into its shell during danger, the tornado-proof house digs itself into the bottom when it senses speedy winds. No, it doesn’t drill a brand-new hole into the surface, but instead, there’s already a sunken dock present for it to tuck into. Hydraulic levers move it up and down like an elevator. As soon because it senses any high-velocity winds, it gets triggered and collapses in seconds.

Furthermore, the home is clad in Kevlar and contains a series of solar cells on its skin. These solar cells can rotate and flex to realize maximum solar power. Another incredible characteristic of this kinetic architecture is its ability to achieve fuel from air pollutants. So basically, the house gets two birds with one stone; it gains the energy to run itself while purifying the encompassing environment. The architects wish to duplicate this prototype to make an entire community of tornado-proof structures in windy areas.

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