Spokes NT Saturday – The Other Pine Forest

We’re going to ride the other Pine Forest, the Old Pine Forest. Which isn’t as old or spooky as it sounds.  In fact, it’s the location where DORC will be holding the first race of the season.  We’re going to preview the course (or something similar) at an easy pace.

This will be an easy ride, and is perfect for beginners.  We’ll ride the Pine Forest trail and an easy pace with plenty of stops to catch up and hydrate.

Meet: Corner of Stow Road and Howard Springs Road
Time: 4:45 for a 5pm start.

Bring the usual.  Basic spares and water.  Helmets are essential.

See you on the trails!

Spokes NT Saturday – Pine Forest

There’s not too many riding options with the weather at the moment, but one of the best is great in (just about) all weather.

Back to the Pine Forest.  This is an easy ride, and is perfect for beginners. The pace will be easy and there’s (almost) no technical challenges. There will be plenty of stops to catch up and re-hydrate.

Meet: Northern Entrance. This is our wet season meeting point.
Time: 4.45 for a 5pm start

Bring basic spares and water. Helmets are essential

We ride rain or shine*

*Almost. We do ride in the rain, however if it’s absolutely chucking it down, check here, or on our facebook page for late updates.

Spokes NT Saturday. Bike Maintenance Basics

This Saturday, whilst everything is sodden, we’re going to host a workshop session.

This is NOT a RIDE.  Come into the shop and we will cover the some of the basic maintenance things you can do for your bike.

The session will be broken into two sections,

  • At-home bike maintenance
    • Bike cleaning
    • Lubrication
    • Basic adjustments
    • Fixing punctures
  • Trail-side emergency repairs to get you home
    • Fixing a broken chain
    • Dealing with broken shifters or cables
    • Trail-side puncture repairs
  • Other stuff that people ask about.

The schedule and topics may vary depending on time available and audience interest.

Meet: Spokes NT Shop.
Time: 4.45 for a 5pm Start.

This is intended to be a basic maintenance session to keep you riding.

See you there!

Spokes NT Ride – Palmerston Urban

Let’s do the Palmerston Urban ride.  This is a ride around the Palmerston area, some trails and some landmarks.

90% Chance of rain!  It’s suggested that you come prepared to be wet. Hey, it’s tropical rain and it’s fun.

Meet: Spokes NT Shop.
Time: 4.45 for a 5pm Start.

As we will be riding on some roads, we recommend bringing lights for the wet weather and reduced visibility


Spokes NT Ride – Lee Point. Might be muddy

This Saturday, we’re off to Casuarina Coastal Reserve to explore the Lee Point trails.

Rumour has it, there’s going to be rain.  We’re going to ride rain or shine.

This will be an easy (ish) ride.  Meaning, most of the ride will be easy, with a couple of minor terrain challenges along the way. It will be suitable for beginner riders, but you may feel more comfortable walking a few obstacles.

There will plenty of stops to catch-up and rehydrate.

Meet: Rapid Creek Bridge, opposite the Beachfront Hotel
Time: 4:45 for a 5pm start.

Bring: Water, basic spares. Helmets are essential.

See you on the trails!

Spokes NT Ride – Urban ride

It’s time for another urban ride.  Come for a jaunt around Darwin City’s hidden (and not-so-hidden) trail gems.

We’ll tour around the city and ride a few hidden urban obstacles.  There will be drops, ledges and stair rides. Urban rides are great for riders of all abilities and fitness because every site has an option to ride as much or as little as you like.

Meet: Stokes Hill Wharf.
Time: 4:45 for a 5pm start.

Following the ride, we’ll be stopping at the wharf eatery for dinner if you’d like to join us.

See you on the trails!

Spokes NT Ride – Old Piney

Spokes NT Saturday rides are back. We’re going to kick off 2018 with a ride around one of our favourite locations. The Old Pine forest.

This is a ride that’s suited to riders of all abilities. It’s perfect for beginners, or those wanting to blow out the post Christmas and New Years blues.

There will be plenty of stops to catch up and re-hydrate, and the riders are friendly.

Meet: Corner of Stow Road and Howard Springs Road
Time: 4:45 for a 5pm start.

Bring the usual.  Basic spares and water.  Helmets are essential.

See you on the trails!

Spokes NT. Last ride of the year. Downhill

For the last ride of the year, we’re going to join the Darwin Downhillers.

for a bit of a hoot. New trails, varying skill levels. Come and play, come and watch, come and have fun.

 Here’s the details, in their own words:

Hi Mountainbikers. A few of us have a group called Darwin downhillers. Yeah, it’s a thing!! Anyways we’re meeting Saturday arv to hit the downhills of Berrimah Hill as a bit of a Christmas party. We’ve built about 4 different lines. After, we’ll hit the one mile brewery in Winnellie for post ride refreshments. We’ll be there from 430. Behind the fire station on Berrimah road.

No Lycra allowed!!!!

Spokes NT Ride – Charles Darwin National Park

Late notice – but we’re riding Charles Darwin National Park on Saturday.

No real plan at this stage, we’ll wing a plan to have fun and raise a sweat!

Meet: Winnellie Hotel, at the rear car park.
Time: 4:45 for a 5pm start
Level: Everybody welcome

Bring sufficient water and spares.  Helmets are essential!

See you on the trails!

No Spokes ride this weekend.

This Saturday is the DORC Christmas ride and annual general meeting. Get involved in something bigger.

Darwin Off-Road Cyclists need your support.

Behind the scenes, many hours are invested in organising events, working bees, getting trails built and many activities to make mountain biking in the Top End as good as it can be.

Please consider supporting DORC, by becoming a member if you are not one, by joining the committee, or offering your time to help support mountain biking in Darwin.