Yeti Cycles

Yeti is a place where you would feel comfortable. Our offices are cluttered with bike magazines, new parts waiting to be tested and tons of bikes clamped in bike stands ready for their next ride. At 7am our coffee machine works overtime each morning to provide a steady stream of caffeine to our eager crew. If you were to happen by the factory between 11:30 and 1 you would miss us. Were out riding. If you arrive at the factory after work, you would be greeted with a smile and likely a cold beer from the keg-o-rator.

Yeti is a place where a foosball match is more likely to break out than a meeting. It is a place where people linger around after work and recount the carnage from our lunch time ride. Though rarely spoken, it is a place where everyone is keenly aware of whose riding fast uphill, whose descending well and who is the fastest rider that day.

The culture is iconoclastic but genuine. We are intolerant of all things corporate and suspicious of conventional wisdom. Meetings are discouraged unless it is to talk about the latest bike design. We don’t have multi-level approvals or have to convince accountants that our product visions make financial sense. Product guys make decisions at Yeti, not bean counters. Our designs and product philosophy are visceral, real, and important enough to be subjected to spirited debates.

And to what end? Our goal is simple. We want to make bikes that are well engineered and masterfully crafted. So when you look at a Yeti frame, you notice the details each is infused with as well as the character and expertise of our employees. When you ride one you will feel what we mean. Enjoy!

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