Here at Spokes NT we have a variety of services available.


  • Basic Service – $99 – This service includes:
  1. All gear adjustments
  2. All brake adjustments
  3. Lube chain
  4. Quick wheel true (in bike)
  5. All bearings adjusted
  6. Safety check
  7. Tyre pressures
  8. Wash your bike.

This is a service intended for those whose bike is well looked after and maintained regularly.  The price does not include any parts needed and there may be additional charges if more major repairs are needed.


  • Regular Service – $149 – This service includes the same checks and adjustments as the Basic with the following extras:
  1. Full wheel true (off bike in truing stand)
  2. Lube all cables
  3. All bearings are greased and adjusted (excluding swing arms)
  4. Wash and degrease bike.

This is a service intended for those whose bike hasn’t been serviced regularly or does a lot of km’s. At this price it includes nearly all labour but no parts cost.


  • Full Rebuild – $300 – As the name suggests this is a full rebuild where we will strip your bike down to the bare frame and clean/check/lube/grease all parts (including bearings and pivot points) before putting it back together, with all new cables and tuning it up again. This is for those who want their bike to be as good as it can be without buying a new one!

The price is for all labour involved but does not include parts cost except for the new cables and any loose ball bearings that would be replaced. Excludes fork or shock service.