Spokes NT Saturday. Bike Maintenance Basics

This Saturday, whilst everything is sodden, we’re going to host a workshop session.

This is NOT a RIDE.  Come into the shop and we will cover the some of the basic maintenance things you can do for your bike.

The session will be broken into two sections,

  • At-home bike maintenance
    • Bike cleaning
    • Lubrication
    • Basic adjustments
    • Fixing punctures
  • Trail-side emergency repairs to get you home
    • Fixing a broken chain
    • Dealing with broken shifters or cables
    • Trail-side puncture repairs
  • Other stuff that people ask about.

The schedule and topics may vary depending on time available and audience interest.

Meet: Spokes NT Shop.
Time: 4.45 for a 5pm Start.

This is intended to be a basic maintenance session to keep you riding.

See you there!

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