Spokes NT Saturday – Spokes Track.

This Saturday, we’re going local.  The Spokes Track. A nifty little challenging nugget of a trail close to the shop.  It’s a short, punchy little track.  Following that we’ll drift off around the Howard Springs area for a bit of a poke around.

As usual with most of our rides, this is suitable for novices and beginners. Please note there are some short sections of the Spokes Track you may feel more comfortable walking, but hey, that’s fine. There’s no hurry of rush, and plenty of stops along the way to catch up and re-hydrate.

Meet: Spokes NT Store
Time: 4:45 for a 5pm Start.

Bring your bike, water and basic spares. Helmets are essential.

See you on the trails!


  1. Geoff Herrod says:

    The first 3rd can be difficult to a novice or beginner in MTB ridding, I found it a challenge, thanks to the guides for waiting, once through this area the ride levels out with lots of turns through the pine forest, overall a good ride.

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